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Pizza Making Kits

Why wait until Fridays each week to have your fresh pizza fix?

Woody's are putting together pizza making kits with all the same fresh ingredients that we use on Friday nights ~ delivered to your door any day of the week.

An excellent idea to brighten up lunch or dinner time..... something the whole family can enjoy making ~ super tasty, fresh and so easy to put together. Suitable for all ages as step by step instructions included with each pack!!

It’s the perfect lockdown activity for any day and a great party idea/activity.

Use your own pizza oven to cook these bad boys or your grill/oven.

Kids and adults alike will love this and the pizzas will guaranteed taste amazing!!

Choose from the following packs;

Pizzas for Two £15 ~ makes 2 Margheritas

includes pots of 2 dough pucks freshly made, top grade Italian flour for rolling out the pizzas, our fabulous tomato sauce, Fior de Latte, Parmesan and fresh basil leaves.

Family pizza package £35 ~ makes 4 Margheritas, 1 Garlic Bread & 1 Nutella & marshmallow pizza.

Includes 4 dough pucks freshly made, pots of top grade Italian flour for rolling out the pizzas, our famous tomato sauce, Fior de Latte, Parmesan and fresh basil leaves.

1 dough puck to make a garlic pizza ~ with a pot of parsley garlic butter

1 dough puck to make our famous Nutella & marshmallow pizza ~ with pots of Nutella and marshmallows.

Add to your order:

Garlic Pizza £6 ~ 1 dough puck with a pot of parsley garlic butter.

Nutella & marshmallow pizza £6 ~ 1 dough puck with pots of Nutella & marshmallows.

We can also provide pots of sliced pepperoni, sliced black olives or sliced Jalapeños as additional toppings for £3 per small pot & £6 for a large pot.  Add a large pot of BBQ Chicken for £6

Add additional pizzas if desired for + £6 each.  Just let us know when you order.

Additional pots of chilli oil or white truffle oil for £3.

Free delivery for orders of £35 or over (within 5 mile radius of Chorleywood/Rickmansworth)

£1.50 delivery charge for orders under £35 or free collection from our Quickley Lane base if you are local.

Order by texting Laura on 07968 416 343

Orders must be before 5pm for the next day delivery.

The pizzas are best made and eaten on the day of delivery but the kits placed in the fridge will happily last for 2 days.

Instructions to follow;


 1) Dust surface with some of the 00 flour and take the room temperature dough pucks and press and stretch them out flat to make a 10 inch pizza base using the tips of your fingers.  Knock some of the flour off the bottom of the base by throwing it onto the flat surface and sweeping the excess flour away.  Do not worry if your pizza shape is a bit uneven or thinner in some parts - it does not have to be perfect.  Once cooked it will still taste delicious!

 2) Preheat the grill or oven to its highest setting - I find using the grill works best.  Put a dry non stick frying pan on a high heat.

 3) Lay your pizza base into this dry frying pan and let it partially cook/start to colour ~ take off the heat after 1-2 mins.


 4) Spread a thin layer of our tomato sauce with a spoon or ladle leaving a couple of cms round the edge for the crust.  Add a sprinkle of parmesan, some basil leaves and some of the Mozzarella, in that order.

 5) At this point you could add your extra toppings and a drizzle of olive or chilli oil if preferred.

 6) Take your frying pan and put it under the hot grill on the highest shelf or in the hot oven 200 Degrees C.  Grill works best!                                                            

 7) The pizza should only take 2 mins to cook under the grill and about 5 mins in the oven.  Just keep an eye on it and take it out when nicely browned/cooked.  The time will vary depending on your oven.

For the Garlic Pizzas just roll out the dough as above and once the base has been partially cooked in the pan dot the base with the parsley garlic butter provided.  I like to add some Mozzarella if you have any left too!  Cook as above.


For the Nutella and Marshmallow pizza roll out the dough as above and lightly cook the base in the pan. Flip the base over and cook the other side for 1 minute then spread the base with the Nutella and dot the marshmallows as desired.  Put the pan in the oven or under the grill until the marshmallows melt & go golden brown. (2-3 mins should do this)

NOTE: Please ensure your pan handle is heat proof if you are putting it under the grill or in the oven (or leave the pan handle sticking out of the grill if needs be!)


Tuck in to your amazing pizza!

Please show us pictures of your creations on our facebook page: @woodysfiredpizza and our testimonial page on this website.

We'd love to know what you think.  Like & share & enjoy!

Check out our creations here at Woody's HQ...

Click here to take you to Amazon to buy all the tools you may wish to use whilst making your pizzas;

Woody's recommends these products for your pizza making (all available from Amazon)
Mutti Pizza Sauce:  
Hot Star Honey Chilli Sauce: 

Proofing box:

Pizza turning peel:

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